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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 8, 2010 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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sources say he provided information to the police that only the killer would know. van der sloot is the prime suspect, of course, in the disappearance of alabama teenager natalee holloway back in 2005. two terror suspects arrested over the weekend we'll remain in custody at least until they return to court in new jersey on thursday. they're likely to be held for trial given some of the evidence presented by prosecutors. linsey davis has the details. >> reporter: they're two guys from new jersey charged with conspiracy to kill americans overseas. >> thank goodness this time we were ahead of the game. >> reporter: 24-year-old carlos almonte and 20-year-old mohamed alessa made their first appearance in court. prosecutors say their intent was to kill, maim or kidnap people outside the united states. >> they had finally purchased plane tickets and were on their way out of the country. >> reporter: authorities say the home-grown terror suspects were heading to somalia where they hope to join the al qaeda-tid qaeda-tidalal shabab terror group. they were arrested at jfk
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airport. the families of both alleged terrorists apparently tipped off the fbi. an undercover new york police officer secretly recorded hours of conversations with the two suspects. >> the complaint alleges pretty carefully and pretty clearly that their intentions were described quite clearly to the undercover agent. >> reporter: according to court papers almonte said, i want the troops to come home safely and dozely in caskets. authorities say they had no known connections to terrorist groups and their preparations consisted of lifting weights, buying military-style pants, and trying paint ball. >> sophistication is not necessarily a measure of danger, as we've learned in lots of other cases. >> reporter: both men have been under surveillance since 2006. body suspects were on a no-fly list but federal agents removed their names so they'd be able to make their plane reservations. it was all part of an elaborate sting to take them into custody. linsey davis, abc news, new york. the u.n. security council has voted to extend another year of sanctions against north korea
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because of its nuclear program. the council's 15 members took action last night. they extended the sanctions because of north korea's nuclear tests more than a year ago. the u.n. says it violated the security council's resolution. today marks the biggest day of voting from coast to coast until november's elections. voters are going to the polls in a dozen states for either primary or runoff elections. maybe the most intriguing race is in nevada where republicans will choose a candidate to face senate majority leader harry reid. the front-runner, sharon angle, a tea party candidate who wants to phase out social security and take the u.s. out of the united nations. chrysler is recalling 600,000 minivans and jeeps due to potentially dangerous safety problems. jeep wrangler suvs made since 2006 are recalled due to potential brake fluid leaks. chrysler is also recalling dodge grand caravan and chrysler town and country minivans from the 2008-2009 years. a wiring problem inside the doors could cause fires.
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severe storms today from colorado through the midwest. 80-mile-an-hour winds, golf ball-sized hail in places like st. louis, kansas city, des moines, indianapolis. thunderstorms for houston, dallas and new orleans today. late rain from portland to seattle. >> upper 70s from boise to fargo. 60s in minneapolis, chicago and detroit. boston gets up to 74. baltimore 80. highs in the 90s from miami to dallas. well, it was probably the wild els chase ever for police in switzerland's largest city and there were no cars involved. >> didn't see this one coming. an elephant escaped from the circus and ventured into zurich's banking district. police were hot on her trail. she managed to hold them off for an hour, even stopping for a quick dip. >> animal control stepped in and safely brought her back to the circus. sounded like she didn't want to be there in the first place. >> i think i'd agree with that. >> we'll be right back with more >> i think i'd agree with that. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now."
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welcome back. marvin eisley of the rock and
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roll hall of fame band the eisley brothers has died in a chicago hospital. eisley, who played bass for the band from 1973 to '96, suffered from diabetes. he'd lost both legs and the use of his left hand. the cause of the death is unknown. at one point he was among five isley brothers in the band. marvin isley was 56 years old. stephen hawking is one of the greatest minds of our generation even though his body started to give out on him years ago. >> recently he was honored at the world science festival where diane sawyer caught up with him. they talked about his life and even his heavenly beliefs. >> reporter: 68-year-old stephen hawking, physicist, father, philosopher. body so disabled by als, he has the control of only one muscle -- in his right cheek. which twitches to become his voice. each twitch moves a cursor to a letter or number or pre-existing word. because he can only type one to two words a minute we told him what we wanted to ask beforehand. his words are then read by
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computerized voice. he was 21 years old, a university student, when suddenly he started falling for no apparent reason. with the diagnosis als, lou gehrig's disease, he said he felt he faced an execution. but then, racing against the clock, he turned to his work. he married twice, had three children, and outlived the prognosis by 43 years. treating every single day as a chance to ask a new question. >> if the universe gave you a giant gift tomorrow, an answer, what's the answer you'd most want? >> i want to know why the universe exists. why there is something rather than nothing. >> reporter: hawking has said he believes in the creative majesty of scientific law, not a personal god for humans. >> when you look at the vast size of the universe and how insignificant and incidental human life is, that seems most impossible. >> reporter: and it doesn't seem
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to make you sad ever that we are so insignificant in the universe? >> there is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, and science, which is based on observation and reason. science will win because it works. >> reporter: in 2007, he got to experience the wonder of flying in space in a zero gravity airplane. finally, his own body, no burden. then back to earth. and his three children, three grandchildren, who say he may have taught the world about black holes and gravity but he taught them about daily courage and infinite kindness. then what do you say to your children? what is the best fatherly advice that you give them? >> you ahere are the most impor pieces of advice that i've passed on to my children. one, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.
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two, never give up work. work gives you meaning and purpose in life is empty without it. three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it's there and don't throw it away. >> clearly one of the most brilliant minds in the world no, doubt about it. with some of the same questions a lot of us struggle with day to day, despite his brilliance. a couple of months ago he grabbed headlines with this new show where he said he believes in extra terrestrial life. >> he went to do say in his head he thinks extra terrestrials may come to our universe on a spaceship because they've used up all their resources and need our vital resources. in other words, he said they may not necessarily be friendly either. >> he likened it to christopher columbus discover manage america. we'll see about that. a lot of people out there believe he's right. when we return, how high-tech has changed everyday life. >> i really like that ad lib. see how the latest iphone was
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unveiled and how americans viewed personal computers back in the '80s.
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steve jobs finally unveiled what many tech lovers have been waiting for. the new phone is slimmer, has a higher-quality screen and a longer battery life. jobs also showed off the new technology called face time, using a new camera iphone users will be able to call each other and see each other as well -- that's cool. >> it's so cool. safe to say millions of people will be running out to get the new apple iphone when it is finally available. >> people rushing to the store to get the newest apple gizmo, that's been happening since the 1980s. here's a look inside the "abc news vault" from december 25th, 1984. >> the star attraction at this computer store's prechristmas promotion was not the muppet, it
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was the new muppet keyboard. designed for use with an apple computer, it teaches numbers, letters and colors to children as young as 2 1/2-year-old allison. >> she just started out punching keys and gradually she started learning how to work some of the different activities on it. >> reporter: you could hardly tear the youngsters away from the machines on a recent weekend, which seemed to confirm the wisdom of the industry's kid-oriented sales pitches. >> when you buy is up to you. but condor makes the decision easier than any other computer. >> reporter: how many of the families responding to this hard sell will actually realize the benefits computers have to offer? the answer is probably only those with a specific purpose in mind. like the davids who own five computers. donald and evelyn david are both lawyers and she works at home. >> i could not practice without it. >> i use it primarily for doing legal research and drafting
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papers. it communicates with the computers which i have in the office over the modem lines. >> i have a lot more fun playing on the computer than i do watching tv. >> it's something that i believe will be useful to him. it is something which i believe is part of the future. >> within a very short period of time, she was recognizing letters and numbers much better. because it was fun. >> there are those people who have real legitimate uses for a computer, primarily as an extension what was they do in their work environment. in that situation it's not a fad. >> reporter: for many families a computer is a fad. and experts are especially scornful of claims that children need computers. >> my problem is that most people have been sold a bill of goods that what they're trying it for is to teach their children in an as tract way. they're not analytical enough to understand what they might be teaching or what not.
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they buy the computer in the hopes that it teaches their children and it won't. >> reporter: a lot of adults are also disappointed in their experience with computers. a recent survey found 34% of computer-owning families are not satisfied, mainly because the machines are too hard to use. even computer enthusiasts, while praising what the machines can do, warn they're not for everyone. >> if you believe the ads that say it's a necessity i think you're making a mistake. on the other hand, if you can afford a videotape recorder, you can afford a computer. and if you can afford a computer, it certainly a valuable thing to buy. >> reporter: it's only valuable if you really make use of it. the advice from the experts is, don't just try to be the first on your block to have a computer. make sure you know exactly what you're going to do with it. otherwise it may just turn out to be a neglected and expensive toy. >> that must have been one wealthy family to have five computers in their house way back when. >> the thing that i'm most looking forward to, if you see
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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> all yesterday of course everyone was talking about the new iphone. we don't want you to forget how cool is ipad is. take a look at this video that's making the rounds on youtube right now. it has something like 500,000 hits. basically what you're watching is this guy who's using a combination of preprogrammed ipad things and cleverly timed props to remind you how cool the ipad is. you can see why this is getting so many hits. i'll let you watch what's going on. they're calling him a japanese street magician. >> that is awesome. that took some time. >> i will say, because i know
3:26 am
you always like to nay say videos, people are -- skeptics are saying if you watch to the end of it, you see him, the apple shop is right behind him. could it be some marketing? >> probably. it could be but still cool nevertheless. another cool thing, this is sensation 2010 in germany. they're molding cool stuff in the sand. i always wanted to be able to do some of this. that's the whole see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. don't know what this one is but it's still cool. and this one, a giant eyeball. perhaps zeus. i don't know. but you know, sadly right now on the gulf they have extra molding material to make something like that happen. it's awful. >> wow. >> pretty impressive stuff. >> is there also like a party when they demolish these? someone gets to stamp all over it? >> i don't know, that would be fun though. >> really, i think so as well. >> smack that stuff these next pictures are pretty unbelievable. i'm going to let you see this first image. at first you have a pretty good idea what you think you're
3:27 am
looking at. that's a dog, though. >> it's funny. i'm doing a story for "nightline" on this very subject coming up in the next few weeks. painting dogs? >> painting dogs, yes. >> good tease for yourself, i like it. this is happening in china. these owners are dyeing their pets to look like other animals. you can see that one there. what would you think your dog would look like as another animal? >> oh, wow. is that a panda? i don't know what jake would look like, i'm not sure. >> i think you're about to see what jake would look like. >> am i really? >> i have a feeling. aww! that is scary. >> he came in from the park sort of looking like that the other day. i think -- >> just from the dirt of the city. >> it's crazy what some of these people do with these animals. there are conventions they go to. where you can compete with -- >> what was the wildest thing you saw? pier there's some that look like clydesdale horses, some look like veeb ras, it's really strange. what about effort way to ring in
3:28 am
your marriage than the impending threat of death. let's get married in a shark tank. that's what a new york couple sided to do. >> were there sharks in th
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sick shores. new health concerns for people near the polluted gulf. while the president expresses his outrage. then, conservative challenge. why the candidate known as mrs. tea party is considered a big threat in today's primary vote. and, apple's hang-up. >> we're having a little problem here. >> steve jobs' glitch as he unveils the new iphone. it's tuesday, june 8th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> little embarrassing but i think people will probably still buy the thing. >> welcome to my world, steve jobs. >> exactly, we've been there. good morning, i'm jeremy hubbard.
3:31 am
>> i'm vinita nair. the government's point man for the oil spill crisis says the effort to contain the oil is going fairly well. here's what it looks like on the floor of the gulf right now. hundreds of thousands of oil spewing into the water every moment. >> we're hearing new anger from president obama over the whole mess. john hendren's in pensacola, florida, with the details. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. president obama sought to reassure the nation that the oil spewing into the gulf will eventually stop. >> we will get through this crisis. i was down there a month ago. before most of these talking heads were even paying attention to the gulf. a month ago i was meeting with fishermen down there, standing in the rain, talking about what a potential crisis this could be. and i don't sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar. we talked to these folks because they potentially had the best answers so i know who's asked to kick. >> reporter: a new containment cap placed over that leak is now collecting 11,000 barrels of oil
3:32 am
a day and is expected to collect as much as 20,000 barrels in the coming days. a new hurricane-proof containment cap is to be in place in the next month. meanwhile, admiral thad allen says the cleanup effort is likely to last until the fall on the surface of the water, and in environmentally sensitive areas like the louisiana marshland, it could take years. >> we're no longer dealing with a spill, we're dealing with an aggregation of hundreds of thousands of patches of oil that are going in a lot of different directions. we've had to adapt and we need to adapt in order to meet that threat. >> reporter: a new abc news/"washington post" poll found two of three americans have a negative view of the federal cleanup effort. that's a worse review than hurricane katrina got. one of the reasons why we're seeing more signs like this one. jeremy and vinita? today is day 50 of the crisis and there is no immediate end in sight. so what health risks to those visiting the gulf and working on the cleanup facing? some answers from our dr. richard besser.
3:33 am
>> reporter: these people swimming in the oil-contaminated waters of gulf shores, alabama, are making a mistake. crude oil is known to irritate eyes, lungs and skin. the fumes can be dangerous to anyone with heart and lung disease. but the real risk isn't for these swimmers, it's for the people out in the gulf working on the cleanup every day. the health effects of inhaling crude oil fumes are well-documented. >> crude oil vapors can cause a whole array of health problems. headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, cough, and even wheezing and asthma attacks. >> reporter: that's just in the short-term. long-term, there are even more concerns. crude oil contains a number of substances such as benzene and naphthalene, which are known to cause cancer. the real "x" factor in terms of danger is the millions of gals of dispersants used in the gulf. the effects of the mix on oil and dispersants on human health has never been studied. making these workers effectively part of a massive experiment. >> we really don't know what it's going to do over even the
3:34 am
short-term. let alone the long-term in the gulf. >> reporter: i went to a mobile federal clinic specifically set up to provide health care to the responders. they say so far, though aware of reports of sick cleanup workers, they have not seen anyone with oil-related illness. for those of you vacationing in the coast keep your children out of the water. their thin skin will absorb more of the oil. for those with heart and lung disease, exposure to the fumes can be very dangerous. dr. richard besser, abc news, venice, louisiana. the u.s.-led war in afghanistan has now passed two grim new milestones. it is the longest war in our nation's history, and yesterday was the deadliest day in the war so far this year for western forces. a series of fatal bombs including a suicide attack at a police training center killed an american contractor. in separate attacks, 12 soldiers including seven americans were killed. in mexico, a grisly reminder of the country's increasingly violent drug war. at least 55 bodies have been recovered from an abandoned silver mine. police say it's a dumping ground
3:35 am
for victims of drug violence. most of the bodies have not been identified but prosecutors say one victim is a recently kidnapped prison director. two suspects accused of trying to join a terror group in somalia apparently were not very sophisticated. that's what prosecutors revealed in a new jersey courtroom yesterday. they say the men intended to commit violence against americans. but they indicated the pair's plan was based on a hope they would be accepted by a somali group with links to al qaeda. they will remain in custody at least until another hearing on thursday. an expected plea deal involving actor charlie sheen has apparently hit a stumbling block. the sitcom star showed up for the hearing at the aspen, colorado, courthouse. he was supposed to enter a guilty plea and begin serving his jail time but that didn't happen and his attorney couldn't explain why. sheen goes back to court next month. it was a semi truck versus a communications tower in northwest indiana, and the tower lost. the trucker admitted he drank three beers before the accident in a median strip yesterday. the 180-foot tower collapsed and
3:36 am
blocked an interstate on a ramp, causing a huge traffic delay. chrysler is recalling 600,000 minivans and jeeps due to serious safety issues. jeep wrangler suvs made since 2006 are being recalled due to a potential brake fluid leak. dodge grand caravan and chrysler town and country minivans from 2008 and 2009 model years may have a wiring problem. officials say it's a fire hazard in the sliding doors and they'll make the repairs free of charge. there is really no other way to say it. this next story is profoundly sad. last friday richard butler and his girlfriend bethany lott were hiking in the north carolina mountains. she was showing him one peak for the first time. when they got there, he was supposed to propose to her. when a thunderstorm blew up. lott, the girlfriend, was struck and killed by lightning. >> i picked that spot because she'd actually said that she'd like to get married there. she absolutely loved the outdoors.
3:37 am
her last -- her last words -- it was about 30 seconds before it struck us. she turned around and looked at me and she said, "god, baby, look at it, isn't it beautiful?" >> butler was also struck by lightning. he suffered third-degree burns. >> one of the real dangers of mountain climbing, to be certain. how tragic. how composed he is, considering what he's just been through. >> especially after those third-degree burns on his own. >> awful. time for a look at your tuesday forecast. stormy from colorado to indiana. hail, gusty winds and isolated tornados in kansas city, st. louis, and des moines. thunderstorms in houston, dallas, and new orleans. afternoon showers in south florida and near-record highs in the southwest. >> phoenix will climb to 107. albuquerque 97. 70s in boise, billings and salt lake city. cooling off around the great lakes. a mild 67 in detroit. 69 in chicago. mostly 70s in the northeast. carnivores, listen up. australia has staked a claim to a beefy record. >> a cafe in sidney now has
3:38 am
bragging rights to the world's biggest hamburger. that monster patty weighs in at 210 pounds, 25 more pounds than the previous record-holder in michigan. i know you're wondering the stats. so here they are. 178 pounds of beef, 4 pounds of lettuce, 120 eggs, 150 slices of cheese on a giant sesame seed bun. it took 24 hours to create it and four men just to flip the thing. >> if you plan to order the burger you better come with a big appetite and a huge wallet. it's going to cost you about $1,200. >> eggs? >> you sometimes put an egg on a burger, i've had that, it's good. >> oh, okay. >> i don't know about that many eggs but i'd try it. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." whoo!
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awake again? but don't worry. he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady , ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet starts with a clean pad every time. and its antibacterial cleaner kills bacteria mops can spread around. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. president obama made a stop
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in western michigan last night where he gave the commencement speech to kalamazoo central high school. the president greeted and shook hands with the entire graduating class. they were the winners of the white house's race to the top high school commencement challenge. he told the students their school is the model for the rest of the nation. how cool is that. i don't even remember my commencement. >> i don't either. i'm sure they won't be able to say the same thing ten years from now. today by the way, super tuesday of the 2010 mid-term elections. there are primaries in ten states and voters in arkansas decide a runoff involving a key incumbent. >> in nevada the tea party will be gunning for their biggest target yet. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: meet sharon angle. she's a 60-year-old former schoolteacher who wants to abolish the department of education. >> i want you to vote for me. >> reporter: in nevada she's called mrs. tea party. and has come from nowhere to front-runner in this year's most important republican primaries. >> our economy is just being waterboarded here. we're being tortured.
3:43 am
and it's all harry reid's fault. >> reporter: angle's political views are as uncompromising as her rhetoric. she wants to take the united states out of the u.n., phase out social security, and shut down the irs. but her anti-tax, anti-establishment message is catching on. she's gotten a big boost from the group tea party express, which has spent more than $500,000 on pro-angle ads. >> we need more conservative leaders like sharon angle to help us take our country back. >> reporter: ironically, angle's biggest booster may be harry reid, whose supporters believe angle's outside the mainstream views make her the easiest republican to beat in the general election. that's why a group run by a former reid aide has been attacking angle's opponent, former nevada republican chairman sue lowden. >> sue lowden's record on taxes is out of touch and outrageous. >> reporter: even if sharon angle wins the republican primary, reid's allies may want
3:44 am
to keep the champagne on ice. the latest polls show him losing to any of the republican candidates, including angle. jonathan karl, abc news, las vegas. >> definitely a tough time if you have a job in washington and want to keep it. >> yeah. >> not exactly easy. coming up, developing news from peru and the joran van der sloot case. >> police say he has confessed to the murder of a young woman. the details and his background next.
3:45 am
3:46 am
welcome back to "world news now are now." there is developing news out of peru this morning. joran van der sloot has confessed apparently to the murder of the 21-year-old woman who was last seen with him may 30th. >> that date fell on the five-year anniversary of natalee holloway's disappearance, which he is still the prime suspect in. who is joran van der sloot? here's chris cuomo. >> reporter: once again, police are interrogating joran van der sloot in the suspected murder of a young woman. this time it is 22-year-old stephany flores, whose body was found last week in van der sloot's hotel room in peru. once again, he seems almost too calm. as police search his belongings, finding cash in many currencies. a laptop and some photos.
3:47 am
investigators ask, where are your credit cards? in broken spanish joran replies, i have those back at my hotel. in santiago. i went up to my hotel room and i saw all these things on the internet and i had to leave quickly. >> under arrest, joran van der sloot -- >> reporter: it is all eerily familiar. almost five years earlier to the day, american teen natalee holloway disappeared and van der sloot's first instinct when police came calling then was to worry about himself. is this just cool confidence? or the tell-tale character of a killer? his denials in the holloway case were laced with lies that he explained when i first interviewed him. why would you lie if you had nothing to hide about natalee holloway? >> i lied because, yeah, i was scared. i had a girlfriend at the time. i didn't want my dad to think bad of me. i didn't want my friends to think bad of me. >> why not just tell them the truth? why didn't you? >> i didn't want anyone to know.
3:48 am
i didn't want anyone to know i left her at the beach. >> my beautiful, intelligent, and outstanding daughter who i haven't seen for 36 days and for whom i will continue to search until i find her. >> reporter: he also seemed unable to empathize with the holloway family, who were hostile toward the last person to see their daughter alive. >> they show up at our house screaming, cussing. the way they were putting pressure on us just made us -- probably made us want to lie more because we seemed like we were in big trouble. >> even though they may have been hostile toward you, they were searching for a girl who hasn't been found. >> they were searching for a girl that wasn't found but -- >> and you lied to them about it. >> and i lied to them about it. but how they acted towards my family and my friends is not a normal way that normal parents would go about if their daughter was missing. >> reporter: a confusion that led to his contempt for natalee.
3:49 am
what would you say to natalee if you were still able to speak to her? >> if i were to see her, if she were so be found tomorrow, i think i'd hate her. i'd hate her and -- >> hate her? >> yes, i'd hate her. if she really ran away from home, if she did something like that, i'd hate her. >> reporter: over the years since the holloway case, people close to joran say he has changed for the worse. the one-time aspiring student started traveling the world in search of seedy casinos, poker tournaments, drugs and trouble. when you think about fair and unfair, how do you see your situation in this whole dramatic scenario? >> i think for a lot of parts i've been unfairly treated. because i had nothing to do with this. and a lot of people seem to think i do. >> reporter: an arrogance that was in full flower in this incident with dutch crime reporter peter devries. joran throws wine in devries' face. after a talk show appearance where devries voiced suspicion
3:50 am
about van der sloot's story. devries would get the la laugh with the help of an ex-con who befriended van der sloot. the two set up a sting. they rig an suv with hidden cameras and after joran returns home after his second arrest in aruba, he is ready to talk to his new friend. apparently admitting how natalee died. once again, it was all about joran. >> did you try to resuscitate her? >> of course, i tried everything, man. i tried to shake her, i was shaking [ bleep ]. i was like, what's wrong with you, man? i almost wanted to cry. what the [ bleep ] happened to me? >> reporter: he saw his friend as oddly lacking feeling. >> this guy has no emotions, no feeling. >> reporter: something that really came across when joran seemingly admits to not knowing if natalee holloway was even dead when he decided to dispose of her body. >> i'm asking you, how were you so [ bleep ] she was dead, man? >> i wasn't [ bleep ] sure. but she could have also been in a coma. >> yeah, that's possible too, huh? >> that's possible. >> reporter: earlier this year,
3:51 am
a desire to line his own pockets would even lead joran to allegedly attempt to extort money from the holloway family. according to a federal criminal complaint van der sloot allegedly sought $250,000 in exchange for information where holloway's body could be found and details of the circumstances of her death. just last week, he was charged with extortion and wire fraud. back in peru, joran was paraded in front of international media three times, wearing a bullet-proof vest. for the first time he seemed a little frightened. one can only imagine his concerns begin and end with his own fate. this is chris cuomo in new york. >> so, confession in peru they were never able to get in aruba. police say had he have not confessed the next step today would be to take him to that hotel and have him reconstruct the series of events as he saw them. what happened with stephany flores. >> maybe he was trying to circumvent that, then, when he confessed.
3:52 am
i agree with what chris said in the piece. you saw sort of a look of resignation on his face when he was traipsing in front of the media there in peru. almost like he realized, i'm not getting away with this. >> some candid comments from him about the natalee holloway case, though. whiten your smile. no red wine, blueberry pie, coffee, or tea. i've got it. ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing crest 3d white toothpaste. the remarkable new toothpaste that removes up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks. good advice. in just two weeks. new crest 3d white toothpaste.
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finally this half hour, it was the day all mac heads were waiting for. the unveiling of the newest, what is it, 4g now? >> 4g. >> iphone, that's right. >> steve jobs pulled back the curtain on the future of technology. can it live up to all the hype? here's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: onstage, the big unveiling, the coolness of how
3:56 am
far we've come wasn't lost on apple's steve jobs. >> i grew up here in the u.s. with "the jetsons" and with "star trek" and communicators. and just dreaming about this, you know. dreaming about video calling. and it's real now. >> reporter: the old cartoon "the jetsons." is that really the benchmark for technology these days? >> i don't know if the jetsons age is here, but you know, if you pick up any phone that was a really cool phone before the iphone, it looks like an antique, it looks like a joke. >> reporter: the new iphone does things the jetsons never dreamed of. it's a lot smaller than this 1950s idea of a video phone. we tried out the face to face chatting function at the apple unveiling. going to make a call to stan over here. i'm going to push face time which makes a phone call to him. there we go, there you are. >> how are you doing, neal? >> i'm good, how are you? >> reporter: not long ago psas
3:57 am
like this one were on the air, instructing people how to use a dial-up telephone. >> dial each numeral in this manner. >> reporter: the future comes so fast it's hard to keep up. we dug up this cell phone ad from ancient times. 1990. >> portable cellular telephone. >> reporter: you can shoot high-definition video on your phone. the new iphone even lets you edit a home movie. predicting what's next is far from exact science. for some reason flying is always a big one. from this old flying car pro prototype to the "back to the future" hover board. to jetpacks. of course, even today in what used to be known as the future, things don't always work. >> well, geez. i don't like this. >> reporter: a clogged wi-fi network stopped jobs and his shiny new phone cold. maybe in the future they'll figure out wireless a little better. i'm neal karlinsky in san francisco. >> only fair, right? >> the message all us iphone users are fully aware of.
3:58 am
they're saying this one's 24% thinner too with four times the pixels. clearer and tinier. >> i've got to get that thing. >> what all mac heads are saying today.
3:59 am
4:00 am
president obama's outrage. his anger with bp over the gulf oil spill as the pollution spreads even more. then, family fears over a 7-year-old boy who disappeared. >> kyron's just missing and we're going to find him. >> why the fbi joined the search. pivotal primaries. today's big vote in several states and how they could measure the nation's political mood. it's tuesday, june 8th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> a lot of women right now in the primaries that everyone's talking about. >> some former ceos with deep pockets too. we'll be testing the will of the
4:01 am
tea party members today too. >> this whole anti-incumbent message. we'll see how it bodes for everyone who currently has a seat. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. we start with bp this half hour which has now paid louisiana $60 million to start building sand berms to protect sensitive barrier islands from the oil spill. it's a good thing too with hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil continuing to spew into the water. >> some of it is being captured and brought to the surface, but not enough and not fast enough. as john hendren reports from pensacola, florida. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. there is a growing sense of frustration and anger here in the florida panhandle as that oil heads closer to shore. president obama sought to reassure the nation that the oil spewing into the gulf will end. >> we will get through this crisis. i was down there a month ago. before most of these talking heads were even paying attention to the gulf. a month ago i was meeting with fishermen down there, standing
4:02 am
in the rain, talking about what a potential crisis this could be. i don't sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar, we talked to these folks because they potentially had the best answers so i know who's asked to kick. >> reporter: a new poll shows the nation gives the government's response a higher negative rating than the response to hurricane katrina. a new containment cap on the leak is capturing 466,000 gallons of oil a day. but the government and bp still don't know how much is leaking. the amount captured could be less than half. adding to the oil now breaking into patches in the gulf. >> we're dealing with an aggregation of hundreds of thousands of patches of oil. >> reporter: further down the coast, children swim on pensacola beach within sight of oil-skimming boats. >> when i heard it was coming to pensacola beach -- sorry, i get a little teary-eyed. i wanted to make sure i come up. because it just sound sod frightening. >> reporter: cleanup crews in protective gear work side by side with bathers in bikinis. >> you find any of that tar? >> reporter: some gulf residents
4:03 am
simply watch, wait, and weep. that abc news/"washington post" poll also found 81% of americans had a negative view of bp, and two of three want the u.s. government to pursue criminal charges. some of the things being said here on the beach about bp chief executive tony hayward can't be repeated here. jeremy and vinita? there are plenty of questions about health risks due to the oil spill. oil in the water where people swim can irritate eyes, lungs and skin and the fumes can be dangerous to anyone with heart and lung disease. but the real risk is for people working on the cleanup every day. >> crude oil vapors can cause a whole array of health problems. headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, cough, and even wheezing and asthma attacks. >> and it could be a lot more serious than all that. benzene, which is in oil, can cause cancer. there are no studies about long-term exposure to the oil dispersants that are being used. an increasing number of birds, specifically pelicans,
4:04 am
are being rescued and cleaned at a special clinic in louisiana. nearly 200 pelicans were sent there in the last six weeks. sunday alone 86 were delivered. it is a delicate cleaning process which starts with a different kind of oil. >> we use kind of light oils. that we heat up so they're hot to the touch. it doesn't burn the bird. we actually work it into the oily feathers. it loosens the oil up. >> after that they use diluted dish detergent and toothbrushes to remove the oil. you can see it right there. when the pelicans are clean they are watched for about ten days and flown to florida where they are returned to the wild. some other news this morning. the family of a missing oregon boy is urging searchers not to give up hope of finding the child. kyron horman was last seen at school friday. police have more than 1,000 leads in the case and the fbi is now investigating. chuck sivertsen reports. >> reporter: 7-year-old kyron horman disappeared from skyline elementary school last friday. dozens of state, local and federal agencies are following up on 1,200 tips, looking for
4:05 am
the boy. monday morning, authorities stopped cars approaching kyron's school and asked drivers and students if they saw anything friday morning. >> little kyron's just missing and we're going to find him. >> reporter: a search of a thick wooded area near the school has so far turned up nothing. >> we're eliminating those areas where kyron is not. we're continuing to move forward in trying to find where kyron is so we can bring him home. >> reporter: he was last seen at school early friday morning by his stepmother, walking down a hallway toward his second grade classroom. she says he was wearing this csi t-shirt and dark cargo pants. it appears he didn't make it to any of his classes and his teachers just considered him absent for the day. his stepmother reported him missing when he didn't come home on the school bus friday afternoon. >> i want to find kyron right now. and i know that everybody else does too. >> reporter: authorities have yet to say whether kyron was kidnapped or wandered off but they're describing him as a missing endangered child. chuck sivertsen, abc news.
4:06 am
there is a major development this morning in the joran van der sloot case. police in peru say the dutchman confessed to the murder of a 21-year-old woman in a lima hotel. according to a peruvian newspaper, van der sloot says he broke stephany flores' neck in a fit of anger. van der sloot is quoted as saying, i didn't want to do it, the girl intruded in my personal life. the victim apparently used his laptop without permission, discovering his involvement in the natalee holloway disappearance. there could be high drama in a chicago courtroom today as the prosecution is expected to lay out its case against rod blagojevich, the former illinois governor proclaims his innocence inside and outside the courthouse as chris bury reports from chicago. >> reporter: the flamboyant former governor is acting as if he is on a campaign. a campaign to convince at least one juror that he is not guilty. so rod blagojevich is still going on tv and radio to proclaim his innocence. >> i've been lied about, the people have been lied to, you've been lied to, now finally this process can begin to set the
4:07 am
record straight. >> reporter: prosecutors plan to lay out a case of corruption that is breathtaking in its scope. that from the very beginning rod blagojevich conspired with others to get money from his governor's office. that he not only tried to sell barack obama's senate seat, but also shook down executives of a children's hospital to extort campaign cash. prosecutors have a powerful one-two punch. those incriminating fbi wiretaps, backed up by testimony from blagojevich's own former top aides. the defense will argue that those tapes prove nothing, but political horse trading in a state known for its rough and tumble politics. the trial is expected to last about four months. it will be wrapping up just in time for the mid-term elections. chris bury, abc news, chicago. the current governor of illinois got a firsthand look at the damage left behind by weekend tornados. governor pat quinn toured the hard-hit town of dwight and declared four counties disaster
4:08 am
areas. homeowners are now struggling to clean up as they wait for power and running water just to be restored. >> it has been a rough few days in the severe weather department. here's a look at your tuesday forecast. severe weather again in the midwest and the plains. powerful winds, large hail, a chance of tornados in places like kansas city and indianapolis. there's going to be thunderstorms at east texas and much of louisiana as well. afternoon showers in florida and late rain up in the pacific northwest. >> 66 in seattle. 84 in sacramento. 107 in phoenix. ouch. 67 in the twin cities. 80 in omaha. 94 in dallas. new york, 76. atlanta and new orleans hit the 90s. well, apple's ceo steve jobs unveiled that sleek new iphone the whole world was waiting to see. he did it in his usual smooth style. then he hit an embarrassing snag. >> jobs wowed the crowd as he bragged about the iphone 4's new bells and whistles. everything from multi-tasking to the extra front-facing camera. he was forced to stop the demonstration when the wi-fi
4:09 am
network was overloaded. >> despite the awkward moment, jobs then laughed it off and continued ever so seamlessly. you know people will still go in droves to buy that thing. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." to an excellent getaway. get a four-star hotel at a two-star price from hotwire and have extra money for shopping or a night out. hotwire has special deals with hotels. when hotels have unsold rooms they use hotwire to fill them, like four stars in chicago, hotwire hot rate from $76. four-star hotels. two-star prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e , ♪ , save big on car rentals too. from $13.95 a day.
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4:12 am
welcome back to "world news now." are you geeked? are you stoked? are you excited? it's a big day. >> the world is watching. >> today is the super tuesday of the primary season as the nation gears up for the 2010 midterm elections this fall. >> voters in ten states go to the polls and white house reporter karen traverse joins
4:13 am
us from washington to break down the key races. i know you're stoked, karen. >> very excited. >> let's start in nevada. there's no discussion about nevada right now. senate majority leader harry reid doesn't come up. there's 12 republican candidates in today's senate primary. is this a situation where no matter who wins harry reid is in danger of losing in the fall? >> harry reid has been in trouble for months. today he's going to learn who it is he'll be battling through november. right now it looks like the key element coming out of this race could be that power of the tea party movement. the leading republican in today's primary is sharon angle. she has been embraced by the tea party express. they kicked in about $500,000 for her. at one point in a campaign that did not have a lot of money that really boosted her efforts in nevada. besides the anti-government sentiment she has views that are outside the mainstream. she wants the united states out of the united nations. she wants to eliminate the department of education. democrats are saying yay for sharon, they want to run against her. they think if they do they can make this all about her extreme
4:14 am
views. much like you're going to see in kentucky with rand paul. republicans are saying, this is about harry reid. he has abysmally low poll numbers right now. really he's in a lot of trouble. just on his own personal approval ratings. they say this is all about his incumbency, this is all about washington. >> california now, they've been inundated with campaign ads for these very close races. both the gop primaries for the senate and governor's seat, hotly contested. what can you tell us about those races? >> two female ceos on the republican side. look like the leaders in tomorrow's races. carly fiorina, former head of hewlett packard. who's going to be the nominee for the senate race. she'll take on barbara boxer. meg whitman of ebay is the republican nominee -- likely republican nominee in that governor's race against jerry brown. this is a race the media is going to love. two female ceos who have a lot money, they're going to spend a lot of their own money. i think that's the way this race is going to be framed. these two come pains do not want that to happen. these two women are not close personally. neither campaign wants to be
4:15 am
linked to the other because of those ties to corporate america. there is a concern that the other one could bring the other down. the media is not going to be able to resist this one. i think you're going to end up spending a lot of time in california covering this race. over the next couple of months. >> let's talk about one more woman who's making a lot of headlines. that is arkansas democrat blanche lincoln. we've heard so much sentiment in the past couple of months about anti-incumbent. is there a chance we'll see another incumbent senator go down in this primary, that being blanche lincoln? >> that is possible. blanche lincoln is one of the most vulnerable democrats in the senate for the november elections. turns out she had a really tough challenge in the primary. we talked about this last month when there was a democratic primary in arkansas. now we have a runoff today. blanche lincoln didn't even get 50% in that democratic primary. she has really come under fire from labor groups who have said she's too tied to corporate america. she actually this past weekend cut an ad with bill clinton who had been campaigning with her in arkansas. that gave her a boost but the question is whether that's enough to get her across the
4:16 am
finish line. it's going to be an interesting race to watch. if blanche lincoln loses today, this will be the third sitting senator to go down before the general election. that is quite remarkable and it definitely is a sign of anti-incumbent fervor. >> not easy to keep your job in washington right now. let's stay on that same theme. when you look at the big picture across the country it is clear this anti-incumbency is sweeping the nation. there's a new abc news poll with "washington post" that backs that up, right? >> that is true. we've seen this in polls, we've seen this in the voting booth. abc news has a handy frustration index that takes into account a couple of factors for voters and looks at how grumpy they are. a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being the most grumpy you could possibly be, right now the country stands at 67. there have only been two years that has been higher. 2008 and 1992. basically what this means is, look out incumbents, you're going to be the ones targeted. americans are not happy. they're not happy with washington. they're going to take it out at the polls. >> never heard of the words frustration index but i like it. karen traverse in washington,
4:17 am
thank you so much. >> we are grumpy indeed. more from the abc/"washington post" poll and the political moves later on "good morning america."
4:18 am
"skinny" time. this gary coleman saga just keeps getting more and more tragic. his ex-wife now, according to tmz, is peddling pictures of him taken while he was in the hospital. we're not talking about like some digital camera snapshots that the family brought in. supposedly she hired a production company to come into the hospital room and take a series of photos of gary coleman hooked up to life support, essentially. and even take one after he had been taken off life support.
4:19 am
and, according to tmz, these photos have been sold to a tabloid, and you will see them at the supermarket within the next week or so. the wife there, shannon price on the left, is going to get a cut of the profits according to the website. they sold for the low five figures. so somebody out there bought these. and there has been a market for these in the past. i believe "the national enquirer's" biggest seller ever contained a death photo of elvis presley in the coffin that was sold to them by one of his cousins. it always seems to be family members. >> there's something about it being gary coleman in the sense his whole life his family it sounds like they took advantage of him. now in death his ex-wife looks to be trying to cash in on him. it's a sad story. >> he had a rough go from the very beginning. and of course, you know, coleman died may 26th from this brain hemorrhage. and also this 911 call, it sounds like she didn't rush to his side. she was freaked out by the blood, she said i can't do it, i can't do anything, come help. >> i had seen the two of them on that divorce court or whatever they were on.
4:20 am
it looked like they had a very -- >> tumultuous. >> they were not happy exes. so big news in the world of alanis morissette. david coulier and ryan -- >> ryan reynolds. >> i was going to say seacrest. wrong ryan. >> i forgot david. >> the point of this story in my rambling is she has quietly married her rapper boyfriend, the guy goes by the name soleeye, his real name mario treadway. they did it seven months after knowing each other at his l.a. home may 22nd. a handful of family and friends. she was actually engaged to ryan seacrest for something like three years. it was a long relationship. >> right. >> ryan reynolds, sorry. did i say seacrest again? why is he on the brain this morning? in case you don't know, this is one of her many famous songs. take a listen. ♪ on your wedding day it's a free ride ♪ >> you know who she is. >> of course, i know that one. so she is married now. good for her. >> she is officially married. >> i thought she and ryan reynolds were a curious pair. they seemed so --
4:21 am
>> he's so gorgeous. >> scarlett johansson seems so different from alanis morissette. >> they were both engaged so long, both essentially married someone quickly thereafter. >> because they were so different. paula deen. one of her employees said, i'm going -- i'm trying to get a butter analysis. >> we're both just not firing on all cylinders. >> a former maid, she's accused of stealing from paula deen and her husband, $10,000 worth of jewelry and other expensive stuff. men's jewelry, women's jewelry, taken from the home over the course of a few months. mary alice white. on the right there. the thefts happened between august and may. paula deen upset about this, and the lady has been arrested. she's going to court to face arraignment charges. >> i want to get to this last one because it is pretty funny. french president nicolas sarkozy. if you've ever seen him you know he's kind of short.
4:22 am
he's 5'5", now he says if you were a tall bodyguard don't bother applying for a job. he has some issues with his height. they say he actually wears specially designed stacked shoes and he always encourages his gorgeous wife, carla bruni, to wear flats. >> i can relate. working nex establish who's so tall. i've been lucky. but for the last 20, 25 years i've had type 2 diabetes. but with out the love and support of my family, i'll tell you the truth, i don't know what shape i'd be in. i love you, grandpa. please be a good boy and take care of your diabetes. i will and i love you too. besides, you're still my cute little grandpa, and i love you. and i love you. now, you take care of yourself. you may have days like this in your future and you don't want to miss them. so see your doctor and call liberty medical. live a better life. diabetes, including all the brand name meters.
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call now and we'll send you a free meter. plus you'll get a free cookbook when you join.
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news. the president's nominee for the supreme court, elena kagan, returns to capitol hill today. she'll meet separately with at least five senators. kagan's confirmation hearings begin in a few weeks. there was an upswing on asian and european stock markets this morning after federal reserve chairman ben bernanke's latest prediction. he says the economy will not fall back into a double-dip recession. a national strike is expected among public sector workers today throughout spain. they're rallying against the government's plan to cut wages and benefits. spain has yet to emerge from the worldwide recession. finally this half hour, the end of a long career of white house reporter helen thomas who walked away from the press briefing room under a cloud of
4:26 am
controversy. >> to many thomas is a ground-breaking legend. now many will remember her for some recent unforgettable comments. here's dan harris. >> reporter: helen thomas has covered every president since kennedy and was the only reporter ever to have her own assigned seat in the white house briefing room. she is a bona fide icon and she is also nearly 90 years old. her front row seat sat empty after a controversy over these recent comments she made about israel. >> tell them to get the hell out of palestine. >> so where should they go, what should they do? >> go home. >> where's home? >> poland, germany. >> reporter: thomas, whose parents were lebanese immigrants, was harshly criticized. she apologized but the criticism did not relent. so her employer, hearst, announced her resignation. some have argued thomas deserves a break given her status as a journalistic giant and a trail blazer for women. and given her age. after all, many of us have elderly relatives who have lost
4:27 am
their verbal filter. >> why are we continuing to kill and die there? >> reporter: veteran abc news white house correspondent ann compton says helen thomas had already been given many breaks based on her stature and that thomas had clearly changed in recent years. >> helen's a remarkable person and it's sad for all of to us see someone be brought down by their own words. >> reporter: the white house correspondents association called helen thomas' career unrivaled and noted that she'd shattered many glass ceilings. she is a legend who has now lost her proverbial front row seat to history. dan harris, abc news. >> and she'd been receiving special privileges for a while now. she actually wasn't even a reporter anymore, she was a columnist. people in both the clinton and bush camps had been saying she should resign. she should be fired. >> a lot of presidents weren't huge fans of hers. so much talk about that front row center seat in the white house press room. as you can imagine, people there jockeying for it
4:28 am
now. the front-runners we're told are bloomberg and fox news. so we'll see which one of them, if either, winds up with it.
4:29 am


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